Dot – Series Green Laser Module

Dot – Series Green Laser Module

Green laser module Wide Temperature Operating GLM is a special technology developed by Elite, which could be operated stably within -10~50℃. It has significantly solved the problem of narrow operating temperature limitation of normal green diode module. Elite’s GLM could be extensively used for harsh environment yield work which has greatly broadened the application range of green laser module. The other advantage of GLM is the low power consumption. The operating current of a 5mW GLM is only around 160mA and could be driven by batteries which make it possible to be hand held.

Dot – Series







Output Power






Operating Temp.

-10°C ~ 50°C,  0°C ~ 45°C

0°C ~ 45°C

0°C ~ 45°C

0°C ~ 40°C

Power Stability






Operating Current






Operating Voltage



       1mrad, 0.8mrad, 0.6mrad, 0.4mrad, 0.2mrad

Warm up Time

     Min. <1 s,           Typ. < 2 s,      Max. <10s

Bore Sight

Min. 1 mrad,        Typ. 3 mrad,     Max. 6mrad

Storage Temp.

                    -30°C ~ 70°C

Life Time

                     > 5000 Hrs.


8 x28mm, 10 x30mm

10x34mm, 12 x34mm


12 x34mm

12 x30mm

12 x34mm

12 x30mm

12 x34mm

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Data Sheet


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